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Paying It Forward

A few months ago, a man visited the Hillier School’s director, Ginger Gustovich, to make a generous donation to the school’s scholarship fund and fulfilled a promise he made 27 years ago. The gift came from a former Hillier student’s father who had made a promise to since-retired principal Larry Evans that someday, if and when he could, he’d return to the school to show his appreciation and gratitude for all the school had done for his son and their family.  

Soon after learning of their son’s dyslexia, nearly 30 years ago, the family discovered the Hillier School, founded in 1968 by HPPC as a ministry dedicated to teaching children with learning differences. The family was not prepared to send their son to a private school, but they felt strongly that only a private institution would be able to meet his unique needs and provide  a proper outlet to channel his  creative energies. “Our mission at the Hillier School remains the same today as it was 27 years ago, to equip children both academically and spiritually while providing hope to each and every family,” said principal Gustovich.  

Today, the Hillier alum is a college graduate and is the director of Latino ministries at Young Life in San Antonio. He and his family are thankful to the Hillier School for helping him reach all his academic achievements.